Training, Deploying, and Automating a Deep Neural Network on the Google Cloud Platform ( for free! )

There are already so many tutorials on sentiment analysis using Twitter. So before I start, let me first explain how this tutorial is different than the rest:

  • This will explain the whole process, every step, from building to automating the model — and I will try to do so that a beginner will find this useful.
  • Most Twitter projects use sentiment packages like nltk or if they do use a Neural Network they use Keras, here I use Trax which is actively used…

A tutorial on how to access the Spotify API specifically for podcast data and what you can potentially do with it! For this project I will show how to gather podcast data for every show and episode related to a search term such as “data science”.

As a musician the Spotify API has been my go to place to find and play around with music data. It’s awesome! As of late Spotify has also been putting a lot of effort toward their enormous podcast library. True crime lovers rejoice — there seems to be years worth of entertaining and informative…

Sam Brady

Data Scientist, Mathematician, Educator, and Musician

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